Air-Water Generator
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Potable Water
from Air

Using Atmospheric Water Generators

We Provide Innovative
Water Solutions

Tomorrow's needs met today

Clean, Safe
Sustainable Water

We have the know-how and the technology to bring you clean and safe drinking water

Why Aguaer


Here is our solution to the ever devastating water crisis. We aspire to help build a world where clean and safe water is every human's right

Aguaer is tomorrow's innovation brought to you today in an attempt to modernise and transform the water industry through the atmospheric water generation technology.

This innovation utilises the natural process of condensation in a scalable format to turn water vapour present in the atmosphere(humidity) into pure,safe,potable,consumable water, without any dependence on an existing water resource in the form of ground/fresh/surface water.

Plug & Drink

Low infrastructure

Aguaer offers AWGs with virtually no dependence on pipelines and existing ground or fresh water resources, simply plug and drink.

Ultra Pure Water

Healthy Pollutant Free Chemical Free

Water for Everyone

Need meets solution

Generate water where the need is, with our mobile Aguaer products that can be set up potentially anywhere there is conducive humidity and temperature conditions

Develop AWG

Develop your own

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